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with shaurjya banerjee, clay burton

The image processing component of 3D SANDBOX was written using openFrameworks. The oF application stores and processes frames from a USB camera to create the "stereoscopic delay" effect. The output is a mix of the newest frame of video and a frame delayed in time. Each is colorized to red or cyan. When the motion control unit signals completion of a full arc, the colorization of the two frames is switched to match the new direction of motion.

Incoming video frames are stored using ofTexture objects arranged in a circular buffer. The most recently updated frame and the frame at some subtracted offset in the buffer are given as inputs to a GLSL pixel shader, where they are converted to luma-valued images and assigned to either the red, or both the green and blue output channels.

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revision forever, 2017


with mike leisz

Revision Forever is a single channel fixed media render featuring multiple revised histories, overgrown surface illustrations, and 256 cores. Shown at Impossi*ball, a presentation of the Immersion Group at California Institute of the Arts.

created with openFrameworks and GLSL shaders

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auto1, 2017


goop, 2017


with mike leisz

lessForm, 2017

music video

with clay burton

trans laser volume 28, 2017


with chloe scallion

cmos club I, 2016


with shaurjya banerjee, erin demastes, mike leisz, jason tibi, ashwin vaswani

CMOS Club was an experimental electronics club and performance group, centered around music designs based on 4000 series CMOS logic chips. The fall 2016 show featured the club's six members performing with prebuilt circuits and also building a circuit from scratch during the performance.

extraPerceptualCell, 2016

vr experience

I installed a massage table in a space, with a VR headset attached to the face rest area of the table, allowing participants to lie down and fall through a field of undulating video feedback.

  • OculusVR
  • Max/MSP/Jitter

untitled, 2016


with megumi sabik

this website


this portfolio site was built using webGL, glsl shaders, the middleman static site generator, and AWS S3 (view source)

about me:

Thank you for scrolling all the way down. My name is James Anderson. I am a programmer and artist currently located in Los Angeles. My primary focus areas are graphics and embedded development.

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